TaFF Industry Insights #02 – The Circular Economy: Fiction or Attainable…

11 Jul

The Circular Economy: Fiction or Attainable Ideal?

Businesses everywhere are implementing the concepts of circular economy and circular design to disrupt the way we produce and consume, and mitigate some of the damage already inflicted on our world. By re-imagining supply chains, re-designing operating systems and re-thinking business models, these companies are paving the way for a future economy that has the potential to build real prosperity, long term.

How do we shift our thinking away from the assumption that our materials and resources are infinite? How do smaller businesses begin conversations to shift their supply chain structures and consumer mindsets? Where and how do we even start to pursue a circular or even sustainable agenda?

Join us in an evening to learn more about what the circular economy means and looks like for the fashion, product and lifestyle industries.


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