Week 2 – Strength: The Orgayana Active Challenge

Do you find that you are stuck in the same fitness routine, if any?

Are you getting equal amounts of cardio, strenght and flexibitly in your training?

After always doing just one thing, I’m ready to mix it up – and not just a little, but a lot! In fact, I’m going to test out 21 different types of fitness, in 21 days at 21 different locations. I will base the first week on cardio, the second on strength and the third on flexibility. Before I start, I will have my my body weighed and measured, to see what 21 days of intense training can do, and ever day I will write a diary of the different experiences around Singapore.

Perhaps this will inspire you to new types of exercise you didn’t know were available and learn how to mix it up, and get a fitness routine that covers all the important aspects.

Background Mathilde:

I’ve been relatively sporty most of my life, and when I start something new, I generally go ‘all in’. Now, because I do that, I also get bored quickly and after a couple of months, I want to start something new, again. In between that, there can be months where I don’t do anything – like the past 3 months. This is not great for your body and takes you out of a healthy routine.

I’m doing this challenge, to see what else is out there – to see how a combination of different types of cardio, strenght and flexibility classes can give me a more stable workout that I enjoy for longer periods of time.

I’m not doing this challenge to lose weight, but after a break with no exercise, I look forward to becoming fit again, and curious to see what an hours excercise, every day for 21 days can do. This is why I’ve weighed myself and done the measurements.

In my past 4 years in Singapore I’ve tried outdoor bootcamps and indoor yoga and HIIT training – now I’m curious to see what else Singapore has to offer! Hope this will inspire you too! Read my diary here and make sure you check out our instagram and facebook STORIES to get some visuals on how i get on!


DAY 8 – Exclusive Strength and Fitness – Extreme Fitness

Instructor: Stanley

Class Description:

An exclusive one on one strength and conditioning lesson which is designed to sculpt muscles for a impressive physique. A dynamic 60 minute session which incorporates free weights and resistance machines. A heart thumping workout which targets major and minor muscle group suitable for all fitness levels.

A class where you do heavy lifting with classic equipment as well as functional training with dumbbells and power ball.


One one one personal training

Classes every hour from 9am-10pm

Pushed to your limits

Thorough guidance towards your goal


Visuals not so modern and appealing to women

Proximity to public transport

Extreme Fitness

01-03A West Coast Recreation Center

NO.12 West Coast Walk

Singapore 127157

[email protected]

Tel. 6774 0356

DAY 9 – 6-Pack Attack – Momentum Lab

Instructor: Douglas McAndrew

Class Description:

This workout has 100% focus on working your abs. The class is split into three parts, where first one is back-to-back matwork, attacking the abs from all angles. The last two is a circuit, where you pair up and work out with medicine balls, dumbells and other equipment.


100% focus on THAT problem area

Efficient class – great instructor

Friendly relaxed atmosphere

Great proximity to public transport


Momentum Lab

805 Bukit Timah Road

#01-06 Sixth Avenue Centre

Singapore 279883

Phone +65 6339 2210

SMS / Whatsapp+65 8228 1337

Email getlean[@]

DAY 10 – 360 Degrees Stronger – Nike Training Club App

Instructor/creator: Dawn Handley

Class Description:

This 30 minute workout is good for core, glutes, increase of metabolism and body strength. You will need moderate Kettlebells and Dumbbells for this session.

The digital video class 360 Degrees Stronger warms up with lateral hip openers, shuffle , knee hugs, A-skips. walkouts and lunge reaches. Then you move on to kettlebell swings, dumbell lunges, press-ups, planks and low-boat exercises.


Flexible time and location

Huge choice in class types and durations

One with only one session – privacy


– Less incentive to push yourself with a phone as your instructor

– lonesome

– stop and go, if you miss the instructions or need to get equipment

DAY 11 – Signature Multi-Level – WeBarre

Instructor: Anastasia

Class Description:

This signature multi-level class is a workout inspired by ballet, yoga, pilates & strength training. The class is a fusion of isometric holds (small controlled movements) and full-range dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength yet moving gracefully with poise.​

The class starts off with a gentle mat warm-up and quickly raises the pace at the bars. Half-way you will have a 10 min. HIIT break inbetween the holds.


Full Body Workout

Fun Mix of ballet and strength

Modern facilities in central location


Hiit Training part slightly out of place




+65 6221 9256
[email protected]

Also a studio in Tanjong Pagar

DAY 12 – Parkour Flow – Supefly Monkey Dragons

Instructor: Tareesh Ismail

Class Description:

In this class you learn the basic movements of Parkour. The class is beginner friendly, but even the more experienced and advanced students will find value in the sessions. The Classes integrate 3 important components of Parkour Training: The Philosophy behind Parkour, Body Conditioning and Movements.

The class starts off with a cardio warm-up, run, jumps and bear crawl. Then you are introduced to the technique and for this 1,5 hour class, you will be able to pratice at least 3 disciplines. At the end, all movevements are put together into a ‘flow’


– fun challenge

– great burn

– learning a new skill

– outside

– super friendly and skilled instructor


– (if shy) A lot of people walk by and see all you do

– (if easily scared) get ready for a challenge

Superfly Monkey Dragons

Ramp @Clarke Quay (by Central)

Agency: 8511 5510

Parkour Academy: 8751 8711

Superfly Tactical: 9787 9141‬

[email protected]

Other locations: Dhoby Gaut, Somerset Skatepark, SMU Green, Bishan, East Coast Park

DAY 13 – Rock Climbing – The Cliff, Snow City

Class Description:

The ‘Cliff’ wall comprises of 10 outdoor climbing lanes of various difficulty levels suitable for Lead and Speed climbing and is big enough to allow 20 climbers to participate simultaneously.

Whether you are new to the sports, looking for a thrill or has a desire to improve your climbing skills, you can train at The Cliff with trained instructors and it’s for all ages.

In weekend, The Cliff is ‘walk in’, but if you would like to use it during the week, you need to book an appointment the day before.


– a great challenge

– learning a new skill

– outside

– friendly staff


– no introduction

– not much help on what to do from instructor

– the wall is worn, many boulders missing

– (if easily scared or scared of heights) get ready for a challenge

The Cliff

 Snow City Singapore
21 Jurong Town Hall Road
Singapore 609433​

Tel: (+65) 65602306

Email: [email protected]

DAY 14 – Renegade – HIIT Strength – F45, Orchard

Instructor: Dane Kapoor

Class Description:

F45 Training combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. The fusion of these three training concepts has lead to the development of 31 different, 45 minute workout experiences.

The Renegade is a strength session that helps you  build lean muscle with 32 sets: 6 pods with 3 stations in each and you do one station twice.


– quick full body workout – sweat guarantee

– skilled instructors performing intro and help

– displays with exercises + heart rate display for individuals wearing a monitor

– great variety + 7 classes a day

– new, great and accesible location with shower facilities


– you get addicted

F45 Orchard

100 Orchard Rd,

Singapore 238840

[email protected]

Tel. 83351296

F45 also have studios in Novena, Holland Village and numerious other locations in Singapore


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