Alexandra Fancher

Our EAT contributor, Alexandra was born in Nice, South of France with a Polish Mother and Croatian father and is married to an American! Her passion for alternative medicine and healing with foods started more than 15 years ago with her father, being ill from cancer. Together Alexandra and her father were working on health alternatives to cancer medicine. Unfortunately, Alexandra's father passed away, but, she continued the journey and educated herself to become a Health Coach at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, while expecting her first baby girl Nella. She worked with Functional Medicine Nutritionist in Singapore, Karin G. Reiter at Nutritious & Delicious before moving to Switzerland to set up her own business.

Anisa Johnny

British born Anisa Johnny is our contributor to WEAR and Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing & Management at Raffles College of Higher Education. She's also a retail marketing professional and has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. 

Anna Itkin

Anna Itkin is our guest contributor on DIY and PLANET. A scientist by training Anna Itkin is an analytical and critical thinker with strong ability to think in systems and across disciplines. With unconventional career path, international and cross-cultural life experience she has an edge and sees things differently. Passionate about sustainable development and driven by the vision of systems change she co-founded The Inceptery – sustainability-driven innovation consultancy. They apply design framework to create new streams of value and enable business growth with positive environmental and social impacts. It’s not about tearing down old ideas, it’s about creating new ones.

Beverley Randall

With over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and peak performance coach, as well as a Master’s degree in applied sports psychology, Beverley brings together her education, expertise and experience to the orgayana ACTIVE table. Originally from South Africa, her career kicked off in the field of drug and alcohol addiction, where she applied sport psychology skills to assist her clients in overcoming addiction. Her love of helping others grow and achieve goals coupled with a passion for exercising, later became the foundation for her branching out to open Complete Fitness, a centre with branches located in London, Gibraltar and Dublin. Here in Singapore she also work as a personal trainer and yoga instructor at Body Temple and lives here with her family of 5

Charlotte Dall

Charlotte Dall provides healthy recipes and great advice to our EAT section! Charlotte is a chef by trade and since moving from Denmark to Singapore in 2013, finalising her nutritionist degree. She's always exploring healthy food ideas and always moving, whether is running, playing tennis or doing pilates!

Cindy Leong

Cindy writes for FAMILY and MIND, and is an Enneagram Personality Coach and Corporate Trainer. Besides being a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and Singapore Psychological Society (SPS), she is also a Singapore Social Development Network, SDN-Accredited dating practitioner and Chief Relationship Coach of Divine Connect, a match making agency in Singapore. Through her expertise in corporate executive coaching, personal development, and relationship coaching, she has helped many professionals in their walk through challenging times, particularly in the areas of identity searching, relationship building and career breakthrough.

Claire Chabrieres

Claire Chabrieres is a French mum who created ShiokFarm in 2015 when she realised that the organic pear she was feeding her toddler cost $6. ShiokFarm gathers families who commit to buying a farmer's entire harvest. This allows good prices as the farmer does not have a risk of unsold inventory anymore. Giving farmers this much needed visibility also allows the ShiokFarm community to reduce food waste by about 40%. This is huge, and this is about to get better when you join the program. :) You can choose between different bags that contain organic fruits and vegetables that were mainly grown at ShiokFarm partner farms in Malaysia and Thailand. Buying local and seasonal is a sustainable way to consume. It benefits nature, minimises the energy needed both in transportation and storage to bring you food, and quite importantly, you actively support and protect the local economy.

Claire Seabrook

Claire is an environmental scientist by training and an environmental sustainability consultant and educator by trade (aside from being a busy mum to two young (and sometimes wild) children). Claire enjoyed a very outdoorsy childhood collecting acorns, making daisy chains and sifting dirt to get the perfect pile. Once upon a time Claire was an enthusiastic ultimate frisbee player and recently taught pre-school sports classes. Claire is on a mission to help City kids experience a wilder childhood through the Forest School approach to learning and founded Wildlings offering Forest School and environmental education in Singapore to do this.

Davelle Lee

Davelle Lee is a freelance writer and wellness advocate and contributes to our MIND and EAT sections. She hosts the podcast Some Scuffs, which explores how to cope with social anxiety, issues of identity and culture in Singapore. Though yogaphobic and only 80% vegan, Davelle enjoys sharing the ups and downs of her journey towards a greener and healthier lifestyle. She has written for titles such as Her World, The Luxe Nomad, and Rice Media.

Diana Lim

Sport has always been Diana's lifeblood, and she nurtures true passion for fitness and wellness. She runs marathons, half marathons, and competes in biathlete and Olympic distance triathlete events. Testing her own limits, Diana has also completed numerous half iron-man and full iron-man races. She is an ASCA and NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) at Body Temple, and is also certified in yoga, Les Mills group exercise, and deep tissue massages. She has completed her Stott Pilates Matwork course and holds a Taekwondo Black Belt. Diana has recently completed her post graduate certification in clinical rehabilitation.

Shirley Mirpuri

Originally from Canada, our contributor to HEALTH, Dr. Shirley, is a Naturopathic doctor. She uses therapeutic methods such as clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy to manage detoxification and both acute and chronic conditions by addressing the root causes of illness. In addition, Dr. Shirley is also a certified Bowen therapist, which is a great therapeutic modality to manage anxiety, pain, and inflammation by using gentle pressure over muscles, tendons and fascia. You can find her at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy.

Jimmie Read

Jimmie is a personal trainer and contributes to ACTIVE. Since moving from the USA to Singapore and starting her career in fitness in 2004 - Jimmie has brought her unique perspective and an original style to her training. She utilizes skills in massage therapy, strength training and life coaching, and nurtures and inspires clients to achieve their goals. Jimmie holds a B.Sc. Health Education, and also has completed certifications in massage, Reiki, nutrition and wellness, life coaching, TRX and Les Mills.

Julieta Timane

Julieta Timane, MSc, Assoc CIPD HR Development, ICF Certified Career and Transition Coach. Julieta has travelled widely during a successful international career in corporate human resources and has been privileged to work for major global corporations. She has lived and worked in many countries including Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan – and now calls the Netherlands home. In addition to her current role as coach and mentor atWorkshopsforyou, Julieta collaborates with international corporations as a speaker, lecturer and career coach. Julieta created Workshopsforyou to inspire others – particularly mid-career professionals and working mothers – who feel strongly that they want to change their path in life in order to feel more motivated and empowered.

Karin G. Reiter

Karin G. Reiter is a wellness warrior, passionate foodie, environmental enthusiast, mama of two who has been working as a functional medicine & culinary nutritionist for over 13 years. Previously practicing in Sydney and Hong Kong, she moved to Singapore in 2012 where she established her current private practice as a leading Singapore nutritionist, culinary nutrition teacher and wellness speaker. Read more about Karin and check out her courses and workshops at Nutrious & Delicious

Karine Gauthier

Canadian Karine Gauthier is a trainer, owner of Body Temple and our contributor to ACTIVE. With a background in life and business coaching, Karine combines improvements to people's direction with a health and fitness focus. Karine is a fitness enthusiast herself, she enjoys running, cycling, kickboxing, swimming, strength training and yoga and is also a dedicated mother to her 3 wonderful children!

Kathleen Gosingco

Kathleen is our newest EAT contributor, her passion for health and nutrition and her desire to share it with others was what made her jump ship from an entrepreneur to pursue a master’s degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. She is working with Functional Medicine & Culinary Nutritionist, Karin G. Reiter, for her internship and graduating from her master’s degree in Saybrook University, California in August. She hopes to make an impact in people’s lives by helping them choose healthier foods, one plate at a time.

Maguelonne Rousseau

Kids, women and parents advocate, Maguelonne Rousseau is our contributor to FAMILY. Originally from France, Maguelonne is a Conscious Parenting coach and a Sleeptalk for Children consultant. She is passionate about physical, spiritual and emotional well-being with a special interest in neuroscience and education approaches that promote healthy parents-children relationships.

Mathilde Moyell Juul

Mathilde is the founder and editor of orgayana - originally from Denmark, she moved to Singapore in 2014 with her husband and 3 kids aged 2, 7 and 9. Mathilde used to work as an editor on news and lifestyle tv programmes and now live and breathe orgayana, writing and editing content on health and sustainable living, along with the best contributors in their fields.

Militza Maury

Militza Maury is the founder of Frustrated with the harsh chemicals present in everyday products, Militza began to make her own natural skincare and it turned into a happy, healthy & green lifestyle.  Little Green Dot is Militza's eco-lifestyle guide for busy people who want to live a healthy, happy & green life.  Little Green Dot has got you covered with all the inspiration, ideas, tips, healthy, mouth-watering, skin-loving recipes that help you feel good and do good.

Olivia Choong

Olivia write for our DIY section. She is a gardener, nature lover and believer of a sustainable society. She writes about gardening and sustainable living on her blog – The Tender Gardener, and raises awareness of environment-related issues through a non-profit environmental society, Green Drinks (Singapore), where she is the President and Co-founder. Very much a homebody, she likes to spend time in her garden, fussing over her chickens and watching bees in her apiary.

Rene Wright

Rene Wright writes for our EAT section and is a Certified IIN Health Coach and holds a Nutritional Consulting Diploma, as well as an International C.I.D.E.S.C.O Diploma in Beauty Therapy. She is a Keto Coach, Detox Coach, Jessica Sepel Ambassador, IIN Ambassador and Health and Beauty Coach with Sales, Marketing and Training experience in the Skincare Industry.

Roxane Uzureau

Roxane is our contributor to WEAR and PLANET. Her passion for sustainable solutions stems from her years in the fashion industry where she witnessed from inside the devastating impact of mass consumption and waste. Far from her life as a luxury head designer in Paris, InspiR Studio supports fashion professionals as well as individuals to understand the sustainability maze. Her new venture BarePack, and contribution to Zero Waste SG, embodies her vision of a future that values shared resources in an effort towards a zero waste society.

Sabine Schellerer

Sabine is a naturopath and contributes to HEALTH. Originally from Munich, Germany, Sabine has been living in multiple cities throughout Asia with her husband and three children since 2005. Her main focuses are based around herbal medicine, homeopathy and supplements.

Sairupa Krishnamurti

Dr. Sairupa Krishnamurti is a Naturopathic Doctor from Toronto, Canada and contributes to HEALTH. She has a clinical practice focused on women's and children's health at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Singapore. Dr. Sairupa loves supporting parents and families make healthy choices that are sustainable for the long term! She's a women's self-care advocate, and passionate for all things natural skin-care, fertility, pregnancy and birth related. In her practice- Dr. Sairupa uses evidence-based natural medicine, nutritional therapy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy to treat acute and chronic health issues. She lives in Singapore with her amazing daughter and husband.


TheGaiaHood is a group of likeminded parents who would like to make more healthy and sustainable choices for themselves and their families. Articles posted by the TheGaiaHood are based on tips collected from the group with credits given to the individuals who have shared their knowledge. TheGaiaHood is Facebook group administrated by orgayana.

Victoria Kent

Victoria Kent is a UK osteopath and is our contributor to HEALTH. She has practiced osteopathy for 20 years and uses a variety of osteopathic treatment methods, however, she now specialises in cranial osteopathy. Her main passion is treating stressed mothers, pregnant women, babies and children.

Wendee Lee

Wendee is our BEAUTY contributor and is an advertising executive turned natural beauty entrepreneur. She's co-founder of natural skin care brand, Biconi and holds an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science from Formula Botanica, a leading Organic Cosmetic Science School.

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