Claire Chabrieres

Claire Chabrieres is a French mum who created ShiokFarm in 2015 when she realised that the organic pear she was feeding her toddler cost $6. ShiokFarm gathers families who commit to buying a farmer's entire harvest. This allows good prices as the farmer does not have a risk of unsold inventory anymore. Giving farmers this much needed visibility also allows the ShiokFarm community to reduce food waste by about 40%. This is huge, and this is about to get better when you join the program. :) You can choose between different bags that contain organic fruits and vegetables that were mainly grown at ShiokFarm partner farms in Malaysia and Thailand. Buying local and seasonal is a sustainable way to consume. It benefits nature, minimises the energy needed both in transportation and storage to bring you food, and quite importantly, you actively support and protect the local economy.