10 Great Recipes for Plant-Based Milk

Worry about the expensive supermarket’s colourful packaged plant-based milk products? If they are sweetened or mixed with additives? Well, why not just spend the 3 min. it takes to make them yourself?  Here are 10 Great Recipes for Plant-based Milk!

You might have read my article Plant-based vs. Cow’s Milk and Rene Wright’s article on dairy and now convinced that making your own milk – or mylk as it’s commonly referred to – is the way forward. Let’s start with nr. 1:

1. Nut milk

20 g nuts (cashew, almond, walnut, hazelnut,…)

200 ml water

Soak nuts overnight in water, rinse and put them into your blender with fresh water. Filter them through a thin piece of cloth  into a bottle. That’s it – enjoy!

=> Especially recommendable for coffee specialties! This milk has a higher fat content than milk from grains, so you can even make milk foam with it.

=> If you use your milk for cooking, you do not need to filter as unfiltered plant milk is suitable for many sauces, desserts and cakes!

2. Soy milk 

50 g soy beans, dry

500 ml water

Soak soybeans overnight, mash with half the amount of water. Boil the remaining water, add the soy mash and let the whole mixture simmer for ten minutes. Then filter through a tin piece of cloth.

3. Rice milk

50 g rice, cooked (can be any colour, but brown gives it a stronger taste)

250 ml water

Blend everything and filter through a piece of cloth. 

=> If you cooked to much rice, this is a great way to use the residues so nothing goes to food waste!

4. Coconut milk

30 g grated coconut

100 ml water

Cook water and let grated coconut soak for 30 minutes. Mix thoroughly and filter through a piece of cloth.

5. Oat milk

20 g oats

200 ml water

Let the oats soak in the required amount of water for a few hours – overnight is not necessary if your blender is strong enough –  blend them with the water. Filter through a thin piece of cloth.

6. Hemp milk

20 g hemp seeds, not peeled

200 ml water

Grind the hemp seeds with a strong grinder. Add half of the water and mix for a few minutes, then add the rest. If you prefer thicker milk with a strong hemp taste, use less! Filter and enjoy.

=> This milk contains a lot of minerals and no worries, it will not make you high!

7. Buckwheatmilk /  8 . Amaranth milk / 9. Spelt milk

20 g buckwheat/ 20 g amaranth / 30 g spelt

200 ml water

Soak grains overnight, rinse and blend with the water. Filter through a piece of cloth. 

10. Lupin milk

50 g lupins

500 ml water

Soak lupins overnight and cook them in fresh water for ten minutes. If your blender is weaker, let them soak for at least three more hours. Blend with the required amount of water and filter through a piece of cloth.

=> Lupins are still an unknown alternative for the soybean. Meanwhile, they are also often used to make mock meat! Lupins are a source of proteins.


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