Communicate to Connect: Supporting Siblings during conflict

27 Feb

Do you wish to be able to support your children in working together as siblings to find peaceful solutions when conflict arises? Learn with us about how to communicate more effectively so your children can connect.

Chapter Zero is proud and excited to be collaborating with international CNVC trainer, Tina Schmitt on a series of 4 NVC workshops.

In our first workshop we’ll be looking at conflict between siblings. Conflict is part and parcel of sibling relationships but with communication that is compassionate and non-blameful, we can help our children remain connected even when they disagree.

In this workshop, we will explore:
– Being mindful of our judgments when our children disagree.
– Hearing children’s feelings and needs during conflicts between siblings.
– Helping children communicate without blame.

This workshop is for anyone who has children of any age, cares for children, or works with children. We hope that this workshop will help you to support children as they communicate with more kindness and consideration.

A few words from Tina Schmitt, CNVC qualified trainer.

I am living in Germany and offer workshops, coaching and mediation everywhere where my heart feels joy to do so. It’s been the dream of my life to know how to live my deepest honesty while at the same time stay lovingly connected with others. Nonviolent Communication has taught me how to live that dream. I met Marshall Rosenberg in 2003 and am grateful I could learn from him for several years. My focus has become the practice of self-compassion because this is where I connect to my inner peace and at the same time I experience it as the most natural source of compassion for others. I love ‚dancing‘ with others to explore the many layers of aliveness that unfold when we live in the spirit of NVC together.

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