Podcast: Jeroen van de Waal

“You should bring your bring your own bag. You should not use straws. Why are you using a plastic cup?” This could quotes from an agressive zero waste campaign, but actually, these are quotes from kids – real kids, and perhaps something you yourself have experienced?

One person you could be thanking for this, is Jeroen Van de Waal. Because the Dutch born Orca founder, knows THAT we are very much dependent on our kids to repair the planet, he also knows that their mindsets are a lot easier to change than ours and their creativity in terms of finding solutions, a lot less inhibited that us . And let’s face it we as parents find it hard to resist a great idea coming from our own children.

This is why Jeroen founded OrcaScuba: to teach our kids about our oceans, but more importantly what we can do to save them through talks and courses at schools and consequently dive trips to Orca sites in South East Asia. But Jeroen Van de Waal didn’t spend 25 years in corporate life for nothing – he has much bigger plan with Orca. Plans that will not only change the way children in the Western World are taught, but also through the education of the children in the areas that are truly affected. A man with a vision, a man with a mission – a man who want to change tides. We are excited to invite you along to hear about his journey on our podcast: Jeroen van de Waal. Click here! for Soundcloud and Here for Itunes


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