Podcast: Nicolene du Preez

The orgayana Podcast is back with an amazing guest! We’re so honoured to introduce you to Nicolene du Preez from Green School Bali to talk about how we can best teach sustainability to our kids holistically and how we as parents can help this process without the overwhelm!

Ecophobia or biophilia? What do you want to teach your kid? In my work with orgayana – in our community online and in my presentations offline, I’ve felt this increasing need from parents who want to get answers and information to how they best become role models for their kids, but with a sense of worry that they won’t be able to answer the questions from their kids on these big important topics.

Because their kids (and the parents) are overwhelmed with pictures of burning fires, melting ice and plastic-filled oceans and feel lost at what to do and they want to know how their little steps can actually make an impact.

But how do we approach topics like climate change and waste, so our children will feel empowered instead of scared, conscious instead of detached – where they feel some ownership to their actions as our regenerative ambassadors?

I wanted to know this. So I joined the educator course at Green School Bali, where we looked at approaches to how we can teach sustainability to kids holistically. And I spontaneously decided to interview Dr Nicolene du Preez on the topic of how we best parent with these challenges we are faced with today.

Have a listen HERE – 25 min. of incredible knowledge! – and make sure to read this article on Nicolene’s findings on how to be a sustainable parent in a conscious way!

You can also see a part of the Podcast as a VIDEO here.


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