Your health in a suitcase – tips to travel while staying healthy

Are you one of these people who bring your whole medicine cabinet – JUST in case? Or perhaps the opposite, not sure what to bring, and end up spending half your holiday running to doctors and pharmacies? And what if you’d just prefer NATURAL solutions to the small fevers, troubled tummy or other classic travel issues? Look not further, here is your Essential natural medical travel kit, by naturopath Dr. Sabine Schellerer.

My family always teases me when I show up with my pouch full of sprays, ointments, tablets and tinctures and squash them into my suitcase! However, I always have the last laugh, when one of them is begging for something to relieve their headache, runny nose or tummy ache, and I’d rather be the the mum with the biggest luggage in town and keep our family holidays free from ilnesses!

Now, there are so many different ways to travel, and it’s nearly impossible to advise on the one and only travel pharmacy. But if you plan and prepare carefully, perhaps by dicussing it with your trusted health care professional, and consider what kind of journey you are going in, it should ‘t bee too difficult.

Questions to ask are: Are you travelling on business or pleasure? With or without kids? Are you going adventuring – climbing mountains, diving, skiing, surfing, or running a marathon?  Or do you plan to relax in a 5 star hotel in a tropical paradise?

Regardless, you can stick to these basics and the one’s I pack, no matter where I go. And being a naturopath, I obviously try to opt for the least chemical choice:

My favourite essentials:

Against fever: Aconitum D 6 and Cell Salt Nr 3/Fe phosphor

Diarrhoea: Saccharomyces Boulardii. Tip: If you know you’ll be traveling to a place where you’re likely to pick up a tummy bug, you can ingest this friendly yeast 5 days before you go to prepare your intestines for the worst. Keep using them throughout the trip!

Nose block: Saline nasal spray

Headaches: Peppermint oil

Various bumps and bruises: First aid kit

Staying strong: Vitamin C, to keep the immune defence on guard.

Add on’s, If you are suffering from:

Troubled tummy: If you know your tummy possibly rebels on new foods, I would advise to bring your favourite bitter tincture (gentian, dandelion).

Sleep issues: If you are too excited on your journey or you are a troubled sleeper, a good valerian preparation might do the trick here.

Sensitive eyes: Many people struggle with the dry air on a plane – here you might benefit from eyedrops containing Euphrasia.

Motion sickness: When sailing or driving for long periods of time, some people and especially kids, suffer from motions sickness. Here, ginger might be the right herb to use. Try to consume it before you step on the boat or get in the car, rather than waiting until you are already hanging over the rails or kneeling at the side of the motorway.

Fear of flying: If flying freaks you out, homoeopathy could be the solution to calm you down. However, as homeopathic globuli has to be customised to the individual, ask a homoeopath or naturopath to help you out. E.g. if your fear shows with symptoms such as insomnia and frequent toilet visits days before the flight, you want to try Argentum nitricum. Take 5 globuli the evening before the journey, and just before you leave for the airport.

Traveling with medicine and supplements:

– The box where you store your precious healing goods should be solid and provide isolation from heat or cold, so that the pills keep their full potential throughout the trip.

– People who depend on certain medicines (asthma and allergies, cardiovascular disease, birth control pills etc.) should make sure they have enough supply for the whole stretch of the journey, so not to run out.

– If buying pharmaceuticals on your trip, be aware, that some countries are more slack with the quality checks, and you could end up with a fake product too! Therefore, it’s better to be prepared beforehand and have your most important pills in your hand luggage, perhaps with a note from your doctor just in case.

And, probably the most important aid for your trip, travel insurance! If all your preparations aren’t enough and you do end up with a doctor or at a hospital aborad, this is of course essential, so you’re looked after and won’t end up with a massive bill.

Hope this helped you somewhat – and have a wonderful ilness-free and chemical-free holiday!


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