DIY Skincare with Kids: Body Mist

Kids love DIY and there’s nothing better than creating something easy that won’t just make themselves or a family member happy but is also great for the planet (and your wallet!)

In our DIY Skincare with kids series, Sienna gives you recipes in 4 easy steps that can be made with accessible products that are both good for you and that will teach your kids the insights to the wonders of natural skincare at an early age.

Today – the easiest of them all – a body mist!

1. Get out a spray bottle, water, essential oils and a funnel.

2.  Add 30 drops of essential oils of your mixed choice into the spray bottle

3. Add one tsp. of witch hazel (optional) and fill the rest of the bottle up with water

4. Put the bottle top back on and shake it – label the bottle.

Tada, you have yourself a body mist for all occasions! Also click on these links for Sienna’s DIY Lip Balm, Body Scrub or Bath Salt!

If you want to see Sienna do it on video – see below:


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