Craig Leeson: “How my childhood waters became clean”

“The sea by the city I grew up in, had one of the highest incidence of cancer in Australia, it set me thinking… clearly there was a link that needed to be investigated. But it wasn’t something that anyone had looked at, because  you just didn’t do it in those days”

– Craig Leeson, Director of A Plastic Ocean.



We all want to swim and drink in clean water, but our damage on the environment and climate change, means that floods and water pollution are made worse. 

What can you do as a consumer to make sure our waters become clean?

Today, on World Water Day 2018, here is orgayana’s dose of inspiration from a man who already at the age of 20 years old took matters into his own hands, when he and his friends were getting sick, sore eyes and rashes from their local water.  We went to Hong Kong to speak to Craig Leeson, and here is his story on how one person CAN make a change – see the video here:


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