Which reusable products do I bring on the go?

Whether you are travelling or just out for the day, you can do yours for the environment by buying simple products in stead of single-use products! Zero Waste items can last you a long time and help you to reduce plastic and waste every day, question is, where do you get them? Below is your guide to 10 items you can bring on your travels or keep in your bag if out for the day and the guide gives you direct links to great local vendors!



The past year, has been the year of saying “no to straws”. And when you think about the fact, that we hardly use them at home, we should say no, because why do we need them when out? However, if you’re one of these people who like your smoothie with a bit of suck or your children can’t have a milkshake without, there is plenty of choice in terms of bringing your own straw. Check out these picks from bamboo and steel:

Stainless Steel Rose Gold Straw with Cleaner from TheSustainabilityProject

Child Friendly Bamboo Straw out of Wild Bamboo from Trove of Gaia

Jumbo Bamboo Straws for that chunky smoothie from Bamboo Straw Girl


Bringing your own cup is (thankfully) becoming a trend and not only do you not add to the cafe’s overflowing wastebaskets of single-use plastics, but you can also save money. Many café’s now offer a discount on your coffee when you bring your own cup – and there are lots of fun reusable cups to choose from:

The Classic KeepCup – also in Star Wars versions and glass from Tangs and in selected cafés like One Man Coffee.

The Collapsible Silicone Reusable Cup from Trove of Gaia

Frank Green Spill-Safe Resuable Smart Cup in vibrant colours


Bringing your own bottle to refill on the go, won’t just help reduce plastic, but also save a lot of pennies in the long run and there are a lot of choice out there in the shops, but below are our favourite picks online. (Remember to bring purifications tablets if you’re travelling in countries with unclean waters).

The Dopper Resuable Bottle with a built-in cup from Green Pal

Glass Sol Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, Carry Pouch and Cleaning Brush from Hom Yoga

Steel Lined Flask for Hot or Cold Drinks and Personal Engraving from Bamboo Straw Girl



Single-use Styrofoam and plastic take-away containers are some of the worst polluters to ours seas and can be avoided if you bring your own containers when going to restaurants or take-away vendors on the go. Use your existing tupperware containers or take a look at these practical products:

Stainless Steel Round Stackable Containers for storage or takeaway use from The Sustainability Project

Stainless Steel Bento Box with Flipable Handle that doubles as cooking pot from Trove of Gaia


Most restaurants and take-away vendors do not include disposable wood or degradable plastic cutlery in your order, and why not save the trees as well, and bring your own? These choices come in great travelpouches, and some you can even take apart to make more compact for travel.

Bamboo Cutlery and Chopsticks in Recycled Plastic holder from Live Love Luna

Colourful Straw Wheat Cutlery and Chopsticks in slim container from Trove of Gaia

Wooden Spoon and Take-apart chopsticks in Linen Carry Case from Bamboo Straw Girl



When traveling or shopping, you can end up with two-digit bags if you don’t insist to refuse and use the first bag handed to you. Of course, even better is to bring your own, and these pics are both compact and strong, making them perfect for being on the go or wanting to travel light.

Super Strong and Colourful Baggu bags for heavy grocery shopping from Hom Yoga

Reusable Compactable Nylon Bag that rolls up into a Ball from Live Love Luna

Drawstring Produce Bags made from Recycled Plastic from The Sustainability Project 

Snacks and stuff

When travelling or spending the day out, it’s easy to go through vast amounts of plastic snackbags and biscuit foil wrappers if not prepared. With these options below, you can not only protect your food, but use resusable options that also work well for storing food in your house and fridge to avoid the use of foil and cling-film.

Cotton Waterproof reusable Snack bags in Colourful Patterns from Neis Haus

Beeswax Wraps for Wrapping Snacks or Covering Leftovers from The Sustainability Project

Reusable Silicone Food Wrap cover from Trove of Gaia


Your toilet cabinnet or bag for travelling, often contain a big range of plastics that will eventually end up adding to our waste problem, but there are some great solutions for reusable alternatives that either wash or that are biodegradable:


Kai Bamboo Toothbrushes from Neis Haus

Peelu Tree All Natural Toothbrush (no toothpaste needed) from Bamboo Straw Girl

Wild Organic Bamboo Adult and Child Toothbrushes from Trove of Gaia


Refilable and Biodegradable Dental Silk Floss from Neis Haus

Colourful and Reusable Cotton Flannel Facial Rounds from The Sustainability Project

Crome Plated Shaving Razor from Trove of Gaia

Menstrual Cups from Live Love Luna


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