Podcast: Carry Somers

We have been waiting to turn the calendar page for the 24th April to arrive, so we’d finally be able to air this interview on this special day.

On this date in 2013, the world witnessed a horrific disaster, when the clothing industry building in Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed and over 1.000 workers lost their lives. After the initial shock of this happening, our podcast guest saw the collapse as an opportunity to get clothing companies all over the world to wake up and become more transparent as to where their products were made and under what conditions.

With over 20 years of experience with her own brand as well as research into the textile industry and fair trade – the idea came to her – when taking a bath. Now Fashion Revolution is run in over 100 countries and we are very excited to welcome to our podcast, in a slightly distorted version from Singapore to England, with a bit of authentic hammering going on in the background – founder of Fashion Revolution, Carry Somers.

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