Week 1 – Cardio: The Orgayana Active Challenge!

Do you find that you are stuck in the same fitness routine, if any?

Are you getting equal amounts of cardio, strenght and flexibitly in your training?

After always doing just one thing, I’m ready to mix it up – and not just a little, but a lot! In fact, I’m going to test out 21 different types of fitness, in 21 days at 21 different locations. I will base the first week on cardio, the second on strengthand the third on flexibility. Before I start, I will have my my body weighed and measured, to see what 21 days of intense training can do, and ever day I will write a diary of the different experiences around Singapore.

Perhaps this will inspire you to new types of exercise you didn’t know were available and learn how to mix it up, and get a fitness routine that covers all the important aspects.

Are you ready? Not sure I am, but here goes:

Background Mathilde:

I’ve been relatively sporty most of my life, and when I start something new, I generally go ‘all in’. Now, because I do that, I also get bored quickly and after a couple of months, I want to start something new, again. In between that, there can be months where I don’t do anything – like the past 3 months. This is not great for your body and takes you out of a healthy routine.

I’m doing this challenge, to see what else is out there – to see how a combination of different types of cardio, strenght and flexibility classes can give me a more stable workout that I enjoy for longer periods of time.

I’m not doing this challenge to lose weight, but after a break with no exercise, I look forward to becoming fit again, and curious to see what an hours excercise, every day for 21 days can do. This is why I’ve weighed myself and done the measurements.

In my past 4 years in Singapore I’ve tried outdoor bootcamps and indoor yoga and HIIT training – now I’m curious to see what else Singapore has to offer! Hope this will inspire you too! Read my diary here and make sure you check out our instagram and facebook STORIES to get some visuals on how i get on!


DAY 1 – Temple Circuit (Sunrise Edition) – Body Temple

Instructor: Henrietta Ashburnham

Class Description:

Drawing inspiration from various sports- movements, Temple Circuit focuses on facilitating functional movements through the use of light equipment and total body workouts in a circuit format.

4 Pods with 3 stations in each. You do all pods 3 times – this gives you 36 workout, 30 seconds each. Every pod has at least one high intensity workout, but is mixed with weights and functional exercises.


Thorough workout – gives you a good sweat without losing your breath

Possibility of early (6:15am) class 3 times a week

45 min.

Women only

Friendly atmosphere


Women only

Proximity to public transport

Some equipment, like mats, could be refreshed

Body Temple
75E Loewen Road
Singapore 248845

Phone: +65 9100 8714
Email: [email protected]

DAY 2 – Bootcamp – Botanic Gardens – Momentum Bootcamps

Instructor: Amanda Clement

Class Description:

With unique sessions (none are ever the same) centralised around strength and interval training, you can expect a dynamic, fun and challenging workout every time. Both lads and ladies can expect to walk away feeling strong, energised and alive.​

Focus on cardio, with strength exercises as alternates using medicine balls, kettle bell and weights. Bring mat and face towel.


Outdoor – beautiful location

Varied – tough cardio warmup, after a well planned mix of running, burpees, jump jacks and strenght exercises. Finish of with stretch and meditation.

Team spirit – Class is split into groups that changes throughout the class – gives you an opportunity to be social too, if interested.

Motivitional instructor: Amanda Clement is also the Director of Momentum and super inspiring, constantly watching everyone in the class and very friendly.


For people who don’t like the extra sweat Singapore humidity adds, it’s a hot one in the Botanics!

You need to allow time to get to the location (Parking at all gates + MRT Botanical Gardens)

Momentum Bootcamps,

Botanical Gardens, Sixth Avenue, MacRitche & East Coast

+65 83327805

[email protected]

DAY 3 – Absolute Beats – Rhythm Cycling – Absolute You

Instructor: Lyd Lindsay Lew

Class description: A standard class for all levels designed for those who have a good cardio base or exercise regularly. One foundation class required to learn about technique. Sweat guaranteed. Prepare to move.

You will be given shoes and towel + can choose your bike spot in reception. If you are new to Rhythm Cycling, they will give you a short intro and show you how to work the bike and how to bike to the rhythm.


+++ sweat!

Great music

Motivated teacher with power and a great voice

Added strenght and stretch on bike

Biking made fun – and no danger on the road!

Central and new sleek boutique studio


Limitations on what you can do on a bike for variation


178A Orchard Road, Peranakan Place (2nd Floor), Singapore 238845

6732 1522

[email protected]

DAY 4 – Muay Thai Boxing – Trifecta Martial Arts

Instructor: Manop Kaewnil (Noi)

Class description:

Muay Thai for beginners. Students are introduced to the basic moves of Muay Thai along with bag-work drills and guided pad-work.

You are equipped with boxing gloves and start on the bag with the fundamentals. Then you move on to padwork with the instructor who alternate between you and the other participants.


Learning a new skill by the best in the SG field

Boundaries pushed

Sweat packed class

One-to-one teaching

5 min. walk from MRT


Slight comprehension issues

Not much handholding

No shower/bathroom facilities on location


Bukit Timah Branch (Also Central Square available)

100 Turf Club Road, Horse City,

Singapore 287992​

Tel: +65 8163 1964

Email: [email protected]

DAY 5 – Zumba – Big Fitness

Instructor: Sabrina

Class description:

Zumba exercises incorporates both fast and slow rhythmic tunes with resistance training for fitness and weight loss.
This Class gives you a 1-hour workout with a simple warmup and a new workout-dance routine with every piece of music.  The complexity varies, but if you are a regular, you have the opportunity to refine your skills, as only one routine is exchanged with new one each week.



Great instructor

Great location for transport


Complex at times – if concentrating too much on the steps, you will get less of a workout

Basic shower facilities


30 Prinsep Street

Income at Prinsep, #03-01

Singapore 188647

Contact: +65 6512 4264

Email: [email protected]

DAY 6 – Aqua biking – AquaSpin

Instructor: Shireen

Class description:

The High Intensity Interval Training session will get you sprinting for short periods followed by active recovery to make sure your heart rate goes up quickly and your body burns maximum calories during and after exercise.
In this class your bike is under water and the 45 min. class is a workout in different tempos on the bike – standing, sitting, squatting, crouching, etc.
Remember swimming trunk or suit – towel will be provided.

Good body support

Outdoor body workout without the sweat

Cycling with resistence


Could have been pushed slightly more by the instructor

No possibility to buy or rent a swimsuit in case you forget





Also classes at YCA Fort Canning Lodge

Oakdwoord Pemier Que Singapore

Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway

[email protected]

DAY 7 – Trampolining – Bounce

No Instructor – free ‘play’.

Class description:

It can be as easy or as challenging as you like – a training ground for aerial sports acrobatics, a place to kick back and look out over the action, or just a hard-core form of exercise that lets you burn energy without noticing you’re in the middle of a cardio workout.

At Bounce, you get a 1-hour time-slot where you can choose between 4 different trampoline areas with different assets like ‘the Big Bag’ and the ‘Slam Dunk’ + a ninja warrior area, where you can time yourself through an agility course. Several discounts apply for families, but youngest have to be 3.


Sport you can do with your family

Adrenalin packed

Lots of variety

Play while excersising

Central location


Harder to discipline yourself without instructor

Can be a tricky activity for women, especially one’s who’ve given birth


Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

8 Grange Road, #09-01

Singapore 239695

[email protected]

Tel. 6816 2879


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