Why Do We Need To Be Active?

We all know we need to move. Some of us are aware that we also need to be strong, and few of us realise that we need to nurture our flexibility. But how many of us really know why being active is as important as eating our meals every day? Jimmie Read takes us through the bare essentials of being active.

When I think of being active, I think of water: trickling in a stream, rolling down a river, or raging over a waterfall. That too is our body, 50-90% water, depending on our age. Our veins are tributaries and our hearts are like waterfalls. Stagnant water allows bacteria to grow, algae to overshadow the light and produce decay. On the other hand, standing next to a waterfall is invigorating! It sparkles in the light, feels so clean, and the negative ions give us a positive boost.

Humans are literally programmed to be active. Everything functions better when we are. Like our spines, the discs only get nutrients via movement. Therefore we could say that movement = nutrients!

Where to start?

Get up.

They say “sitting is the new smoking.” Actually, it’s much worse than that. However, our bodies are so amazing that they function well even with all the toxins we eat and breathe, the lack of exercise, and the thousands of crap thoughts we think, read and hear every day. Just think of the improvement that can be felt from a few small replacements. For example:

  • From riding the escalator to walking the stairs.

  • Getting up from the desk every hour for a glass of water and a bathroom run.

  • Bringing a dish for lunch at work and eating it outside with 3 or more people.

  • Playing with your children – literally run after them, get on the trampoline, crawl on the floor, etc.

  • Be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

Do not discount these activities. Intermittent exercise has been shown to be an effective form of caloric expenditure. Exercise alone has been shown to improve EVERY disease known.

This is basic, bottom-line stuff. The next step is dedicating 30+ minutes a day, 4+ days per week to a purposeful movement program. Meaning: yoga, running, weight training, swimming, … you know the drill.

And please! have some fun ; ) Do what you love. Find activities that you want to show up for. And yes, many times it is like Nike says, “Just do it.” That’s because once you’re there, the inspiration will follow.

The take-home:

  • Dance : )

  • Give hugs not advice.

  • Prioritize activity. It IS that important.


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