10 top online organic skin care products

Organic skincare is becoming increasingly popular on the bathroom shelves – but what are the top non-toxic, natural and organic Singaporean skincare brands?

1. 100% PURE 

100% Pure is like the name indicates, all-natural products, with a range that includes bath and beauty products and fruit pigmented cosmetics. The ingredients originate from nature, and the only chemical treatment is biological, such as fermentation, distillation and cold processing.

2. Want Skincare

Want Skincare is handmade from pure botanical oils and minerals, and the products are formulated without synthetic ingredients, preservatives and water. Want Skincare is an ethical brand, as they are conscious about sustainability and empowering marginalised women. By making a purchase, you are contributing to local communities and especially to women in cooperatives in Bali, Indonesia and Benin in Africa.

3. Handmade Heroes

All-natural, free of preservatives and parabens, as well as PETA certified as vegan and cruelty-free,. Handmade Heroes use natural ingredients such as coconut, rose and even matcha in their products. Scrubs, masks and balms are their specialities.

4. Katfood

Katfood create products that are “not designed to last”. Their products are handmade, mostly with coconut as a key ingredient, with no chemicals, preservatives or fillers. They purposely sell their products in small quantities, as being pure products, they will last longer and so that it will stay fresh.

5. Mmcerci encore

Mmerci Encore’s Aromatherapic Atelier’s products are infused with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Their collection consist of handcrafted apothecary-style products such as serums, scrubs and pure essential oils and their products are inspired by bathing and bedtime rituals within artisanal aromatherapy preparations.

6. Frank Skincare

Frank Skincare prides itself of being a 100% organic luxury skincare line. Their ingredients are 100% natural, non-GMO, Organic, paraben-free and 100% against animal testing. Their ingredients are certified organic by international organisations USDA and ACO with the main focus on achieving healthy skin for their consumers. Frank Skincare also create small batches and deliver in recycled or recyclable packaging.


7. The Balm Kitchen

Balm Kitchen is botanical-based skincare and body care line. By combining botanical ingredients with cosmetic formulation science techniques, they handcraft skincare with Asian ingredients such as Green tea, Perilla seed, and Gac fruit oil among others. The Balm Kitchen prides itself of being an affordable product that is particularly good for skin in a tropical climate.

8. Rough Beauty

Rough Beauty uses natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and spices without sulphates, phthalates and parabens. The soap bars are handcrafted in different sized, small batches and the Rough Beauty line also contain hand and body wash, as well as cleansing grains.

9. Biconi

Biconi’s is a skin and haircare range, that differentiate by using the Noni concentrate as a key ingredient. The concentrate, that has been used by Asian and Polynesian healers for years, is cultivated on Biconi’s own farm, free of pesticides or chemicals. Biconi also uses virgin coconut oil in their products, with the benefits of being rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that can help reverse damage to the skin and har.

10. ANIA

Ania’s product line entails few, but effective products, that will cover your skincare routine. The products are made out of botanicals from Africa and safe synthetics and are cruelty-free, ie. neither suppliers, formulators or manufacturers have tested on animals. Ania’s skincare line consists of Argan and pear seed oils, serums, mists, face cream and face masks.​


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