How to Get Healthy Skin from the Inside

Have you tried every moisturizer and skin care brand in the book and still have problems with troubled or oily skin? Well, our precious skin is our largest organ and is in constant relationship with our environment. The way we care for our skin can impact our whole wellbeing! 

If you’ve experienced skin challenges such as acne, eczema or psoriasis, you’ll know what it’s like to use conventional treatments, and, although effective, are often only surface solutions to a deeper issue. As a Naturopathic Doctor and Ayurveda Practitioner, I see it as paramount to view chronic skin issues with a holistic lens. I often share with my patients that I view skin conditions as multi-dimensional. Understanding the connection that our skin holds to other important aspects of our body and life, can help to make dramatic shifts to our skin’s health. 


Feed Your Skin

Gut-health plays a huge role in skin quality. If you are someone with a compromised digestive system- this could lead to skin imperfections. If toxins aren’t able to exit your body via regular elimination such as bowel movements- you may have acne, eczema or other skin concerns. Optimizing your digestive health through eliminating food sensitivities and including nutritive foods that are hydrating, nourishing and fibre rich can help! Consider including organic foods that are filled with antioxidants such as berries to combat environmental stress; seeds or fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids to support in anti-inflammation, and plant fibre from greens or cruciferous veggies to help in digestive detox.

Feeding your skin also means applying nourishing and non-toxic natural oils topically. Because your skin is the largest organ- it’s important to only apply the purest of products topically. Purchase natural oils that you might find in the kitchen section of stores and don’t apply anything to your skin that you wouldn’t eat.

Feed your skin deliciously and feed it well!

Peace of Mind

Managing stress levels and getting adequate rest are both factors that aid in skin health. When we are chronically stressed, the hormone cortisol is elevated in our bodies causing changes in our skin and other aspects of our health. Ever noticed that you get more acne, eczema, psoriasis or hive flare-ups during times of emotional challenges or stress? One major issue with stress is that many of us are always stressed! This means daily life can aggravate an inappropriate cortisol response. Finding habitual ways to bring peace and calm to your life through journaling, meditation, yoga or exercise can be effective for getting you through stressful moments. Your skin will thank you for it.

Skin Supplements

Nutritional supplementation can help tremendously and would be prescribed based on an individual’s needs.  After an intake and bloodwork are complete clinical supplementation may include balancing minerals such as zinc for skin integrity and structure; healthy fats such as Omega 3 for calming inflammation; and vitamins A, C, and E for antioxidant support. Adding in gut healing nutrients such as probiotics and glutamine may also be suggested. Your skin-supplement treatment plan may also emphasize vitamins and minerals to help you in balancing stress levels.

Glow from Within

If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or another condition such as chronic dryness- know that Naturopathic Medicine can provide personalized guidance on gut-health, detox-love and professionally prescribed nutritional supplements to improve your skin.  When conventional medicine may only prescribe pharmaceutical medicines that won’t cure your skin condition, but just provide a band-aid solution; Naturopathic Medicine will help you find the root cause of your skin ailments to make changes required to improve not only your skin- but also your whole health so that you may love your skin and glow from within!


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