Get the Look // Au Naturel

For this make-up tutorial, Nerissa had fun getting an Au Naturel look using her range of Wild Nature cosmetics! Her friend and make-up artist used beautiful pastels to brighten her look, yet kept it soft and perfect for everyday wear. Check out this step-by-step guide to recreate this Au Naturel style!


1. Powder Foundation / 2. Bronzer / 3. Lipstick / 4. Lip Balm / 5. Powder Concealer / 6. SPF Tinted Moisturizer / 7. Powder Green Concealer / 8.  Soft Peach Blush / 9. Eyeliner in Brown / 10. Shimmer #5  / 11. Intense #10 / 12. Shimmer #11

step 1 Concealer and Foundation: Prep your face by cleansing first – check out the Eminence Skin Probiotic Cleanser. Apply suncare plus moisturizer with sunscreen. Mix the powder concealer with the green concealer and blend both together with the moisturizer. Go over dark circles, pimples and red areas using the body heat of your fingers to help set the product. Finish with a dusting of powder (my personal favorite product from the line!)


step 2 Eyes: Start by using Shimmer #11 as an eye base colour. Apply Shimmer #5  towards the outer corners up into the crease. Finish with Intense #10 onto the outer corners extending to the brow bone as well as on the  inner corners of the eye. This helps to create a highlight and bigger looking eyes.


step 3 Eyeliner and Brows: Use the eyeliner pencil in brown to draw on the eyeliner just to the upper lid. Remember to draw on your waterline and draw a thinner line as this is a day look, it shouldn’t be so harsh. Use the same pencil to draw your eyebrows – yes, it is versatile and very pigmented! Use light and short strokes to create illusion of hair. For a more sweet look – do not arch the brows.

Step 4 Blush and Bronzer: Use a powder brush, to apply your blush onto the cheek bones. Brush upwards from cheekbones to ear. You can use the same powder brush to apply your bronzer onto the hollows below the cheekbones, downwards from ear to the face so it creates shadows in the right places.

Finish with your lipstick in a pink/coral colour to brighten up the look and bring out the pastel shades.


It’s a really quick and simple look that highlights your inner beauty. Perfect for the daytime, you’ll love this pretty and fresh look. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Check out Katharos Organics for their full make-up and skincare range


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