Singapore Milk!

If you drink milk, it has probably travelled some 3,000 miles to reach your table. Looking at where your food is coming from and buying as close to home as you can is one of the best things that you can do for our planet. It’s not always easy, with our limited options – but it looks like our dairy farmers are stepping up!

1. Vishnu Fresh Milk: This is a great milk – a bit creamy but still light. It is full fat, so if you’re worried about your waistline, just don’t drink as much!

2. Nubian Goat’s Milk: This taste exactly as you would expect goat’s milk to taste -gamey. I personally don’t love the taste, but I’m open to try some recipes with goat’s milk – homeade cheese maybe… What I really love is the bottle! I definitely will be using it in a re-purposing craft!

If you have any great recipes using goat’s milk, please share! I’d love to support our farmers more 🙂

I bought these both at my local Fairprice in Tampines. Look out for it in a supermarket near you!


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