Focus: Matcha Coconut Shot

January 8, 2018

For many a new year is a new beginning and a time to feel focused with a clear mind and become energized – all while you want be in a good mood and relaxed with your surroundings! HELP?

Yes, not an easy tasks, but perhaps just choosing one can make a difference, or by doing one at a time, you can get there. And of course, we will help you, by offering great and easy recipes + health info that will that boost energy, mind, focus, mood and help you relax.

One power shot a day this week – think of it like opening an advent calendar in January – just the goal is greater, healthier you. Enjoy!


A matcha shot will help you stay focused, clear in you mind as well as calm and settled.

Matcha is a rich source of the mineral L-theanine, a relaxing and nondietary amino acid. L-theanine has been shown to boost alpha brain wave power too, which helps you feel settled and more comfortable with your self, even during stressfull situations. The mineral also has profound effects on learning and memory. Matchas mix of caffeine and L-theanine induce a feeling of both alert and calm. Matcha contains up to five times as much L-theanine as regular green tea due to its growing techniques where the plants are shaded from sunlight.

Matchas rich green color is the reasult of high chlorophyll levels. The fact that matcha is carefully shade-grown makes it significantly richer in chlorophyll when compared to other teas. Chlorophyll doesnt just make matcha a vibrant color, it is also an effective detoxifier that can aid in the elimination of unwanted toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

High quality matcha should be a vibrant green color. It is very common to find added sugar or powdered milk in many matcha powders. Matcha powder should only contain ONE ingredient: MATCHA and the genuie matcha is only available from Japan. Choose an organic and non GMO type. The purity and quality of a high quality matcha do come as a cost, and high quality matcha powder is definitely more expensive compared to other teas, however, a low price tag can actually be a sign of a poor quality matcha and won’t give you above benefits..


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