Where to Buy Chia Seeds – A Well Stocked Pantry

Chia seeds have become somewhat of a health food cliche, I’ll admit, but while fads come and go, chia seeds are a firm favorite of mine.

Though it’s become very trendy recently, chia seeds have a long rooted history in South and Central America where they are mostly grown. Aztec warriors used to consume chia seeds for energy and sustenance in battle. It’s said that they could survive a day of hunger, heat and exhaustion by eating just one tablespoon!

They have no flavour, I don’t see them as an ingredient as much, but more of a way to get a boost of nutrients from a whole food source. It’s very handy to have a small bag in the pantry, to add here and there and keep your energy levels up.

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For parents who worry their kids only want plain bread and pasta, I think adding a little chia into a banana smoothie or muffin recipe, is a nice way to give the body a little more sustenance.

Let’s get to know a little more about chia seeds

A Well Stocked Pantry – Chia Seeds

What are Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are part of the mint family, it’s actually a flowering plant. It’s the seed that you’re eating. You might remember “chia pets” the seeds sprout into little greens.

What to look for when buying Chia

Don’t worry about spending money on organic chia seeds, the plants leaves have essential oils which naturally deter pests.

There are two main varieties of seeds sold commercially, white and black

White chia seeds have a little more protein
Black chia seeds have a little more antioxidants

If you want to hide the seeds in baked goods, breads or shakes, then the white seeds are a better choices. Though, aesthetically you may want to see the speckles, like in a lemon poppy muffin which you can make with black chia seeds.

How to Eat Chia


My favorite way, is to sprinkle it into bread recipes. It gives a bit of texture and aesthetically it can give a nice speckled effect.

Chia seeds can be eaten whole, sprouted, ground or soaked. Completely flavorless they absorb the flavor of what ever ingredients you mix them in.

When you add chia seeds in any liquid it forms a gel – which you can use to thicken sauces, add bulk, make a pudding, or even replace an egg in baking!

The ratio for chia gel is 1 part chia seed to 10 parts liquid and let it sit for 15 minutes.

To replace an egg do 1 tablespoon of chia seed in 3 tablespoons of water.

If you’d rather keep it simple, sprinkle them in juice or shakes, over salads and your cereal…

Big tip: If you do eat them whole and un-soaked, make sure to drink plenty of water, otherwise chia seeds will soak up your own internal liquids, leaving you dehydrated and maybe a little constipated! Not a great note to leave on, but I had to say it!

Where to buy chia seed in Singapore

Looking to buy chia seed in Singapore or internationally? Check out these three great options:
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  3. Order chia seed online from – I buy the raw chia seed, but most any kind is good. iHerb offers $5 off to first-time customers, with great international delivery prices, so they’re worth checking out.

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