Behind the Brand // Adeline of LINS Smoodees

Adeline, the bubbly and passionate owner of LINS Smoodees and The Healing Concierge sits down with Little Dot to give us greater insights to her amazing green journey. At the heart of her business story is the mantra she strongly adheres to: joy and gratitude. LINS Smoodees is the start of a healing therapy for those seeking to heal their bodies. Adeline believes she can conquer the world, one smoodee at a time! 

LGD: First things first, what are green smoothies? 

They are what we classify as ‘dark, leafy greens’.  So no root veggies. No non-leafy greens. Think along the lines of kale, red spinach, arugula, butterhead, red clover and more. They are nutritional powerhouses rich in chlorophyll, which alkalinize the blood and keep the colon healthy.

LGD: How did you first become interested in your line of work?

Back in the day, my dad had a health scare and ever since then, my family’s diet and lifestyle went through a series of positive transformation. We never looked back. He just ran a full marathon at a ripe, golden age of 68 years old. Life is incredible that way. In other words, LINS Smoodees is an extension of my family’s beliefs and first-hand experience in wanting to be healed from illnesses.  LINS Smoodees is also an in-house creation of The Healing Concierge that provides listings of natural sensory healing therapies. I want to create a holistic healing approach with a focus on preventive healthcare. 

LGD: How long has it been since the inception of LINS Smoodees and how has the journey been so far? Can you highlight one high and one low?

It’s been almost four years – wow, where did all the time go? It’s been great so far. It really has been. I guess a high point was to be able to free myself from doing deliveries and to actually afford to hire people to do so. It’s been sweet to grow the business. There isn’t really a low point when you follow your passion. When I hit a “low”, I remind myself why I’m doing this in the first place.

LGD: What are the health benefits of consuming green smoothies? 

Plenty! The top three benefits you would see: improved stamina and energy, real healing and rejuvenation of body cells and of course, detoxification which means increased bowel movements and less indigestion issues! It is not surprising that people gradually become happy and cheerful – not to be trifled with!

LGD: What is the number one misconception Singaporeans have about green smoothies and how do you intend to change that? 

I guess Singapore still largely adhering to Asian culture and beliefs, so some people view green drinks as a Western concept. A handful of Chinese might deem these might be too “yin” for the body. However, I think a lot has to do with taking ownership of our health.  With my business, I want to empower people to take responsibility of their well being.

LGD: Your favourite smoothie combination? 

I like them all. My philosophy is this: keep it simple. But if I have to choose, it would be the combi of mango, pineapple, dragonfruit and dark leafy greens. 

LGD: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

I do at least 10 minutes of yoga everyday, drink green smoothies and adhere to a mantra to keep me afloat: joy and gratitude.

LGD: Do you eat or drink anything that you feel contributes to your overall health routine? 

I love my superfoods and I can’t do without turmeric and flax seeds!

LGD: What are you currently reading? 

Books by Paulo Coelho. 


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