Where to Buy Grass-Fed Beef in Singapore // 3 Pasture-Fed Beef Recipes

Last week’s Pasture-to-Plate workshop was such a delight. After Kelly talked to us about free-range farming, the chef from Pollen Restaurant prepared a few dishes, and wow –  you should have seen the way we tucked in. He agreed to share three of the most favorite recipes with you all!

If you make these recipes at home, your family and guests will be blown away!

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The big takeaway for me was that really great ingredients make for simple, no-fuss cooking. Kelly explained to us that a major difference in the flavour of pasture-fed beef, starts with the way the animal is treated. Stressful environments creates tension for the animal and a tougher meat.

Intensive farming yields more beef, faster and far cheaper – but the process is devastating for the animal. Allowing the animal to live out a natural lifestyle, grazing on its natural diet, adds a layer of complexity for the ranchers. It means that they produce less beef, it’s a slower and longer process. So as consumers its important to understand what we’re paying for when we see a price difference between grass-fed beef and conventional grain-fed beef.

A big question at the workshop was: How do we make these better choices fit into our budget? For me and my family, it means we eat less meat so that we can choose better quality. It’s what feels right to us, and after talking to the guys from the ranch, I can make that choices with a happy heart.

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Where to buy Grass-Fed Beef in Singapore

I’ve put together a selection of places you can find pasture-fed beef in Singapore, as well as other free-range meats and meats raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Wherever you shop, take the time to talk to your butcher, find one that is passionate about their meat and where it comes from!

  • Find grass-fed Arrawatta beef at The Butcher. Ask for it by name! 🙂
  • The Barbie Girls have a wide range of free-range, grass-fed beef and lamb and even provide homecooked, ready-to-heat Barbie Meals.
  • My local butcher in East Coast, Oh Deli, provides 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and is the stockist of two of Australia’s most reputable meat brands – Linley Valley pork & Dorper lamb.
  • Peter’s Butchery in Siglap stocks mainly grass-fed meat at good prices.
  • Meat the Butcher in Bukit Timah has 100% Australian grass-fed beef and hormone and antibiotic-free chicken meat.
  • With a flat-rate $10 for delivery, The Fishwives are a great way to get beef and lamb delivered to your home.
  • The Organic Grocer stocks only free-range organic meats – beef, pork and chicken, and even wild-caught seafood.

For even more options for organic or sustainable food in Singapore, check out the listings in the Marketplace:

Know any that I’ve missed? Let me know here.

Thanks so much to Pollen Restaurant for sharing their three great recipes – make sure to get your download here!


Grass-fed beef cooking in Singapore
Grass-fed beef in Singapore

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