7 Zero Waste Tips on Holiday

No matter what age, little steps go a long way and there’s nothing more convincing than when the little tips come from our kids!
So, this #plasticfreejuly we are handing over the mic to our #gaiafighters Philip, 9, Sienna, 7 and Chris, 3, who will give you a daily useful tip to how you can use alternatives to plastics and reduce waste in general. Find their videos on YouTube HERE, our Facebook and Instagram pages and get the tips here:

Week 1 will be tips for when on the go AWAY from home,
Week 2 in your HOME,
Week 3 when on HOLIDAYS and
Week 4 when PLAYING.

We hope this will inspire you and your family to make the #smallchanges in your lives. Take the challenge to refuse single-use plastics on @plasticfreejuly and use our tips to help you on the journey.

#15 W I P E S

We use a lot of paper in our everyday lives, and when on holiday we tend to grab the nearest tissue, paper towel or wipe for convenience. But saving our natural resources is not as hard as you think! Simple washable cloths can do the job!

Benefits of using washable cloths??

  • 2,5 mio. trees are cut down every day – so saving on the every day use of paper is definitely worth thinking about!
  • Using your own washable cloths can be fun – choosing your own styles and colours and perhaps creating them yourselves. Your little ones can get their favourite and will end up refusing your power towels!
  • You won’t just be saving trees, you’ll be saving a lot of money if you start reusing cloths!
  • Tip: When on holiday bring a bunch so you won’t be dependent on washing them on the go.

#16  S H A M P O O

Our shampoos and conditioners are a pain in many ways, especially when traveling. Take up too much space and weigh too much for one trip, and then there’s the other thing, they pollute. Not only their plastic containers, but what’s inside of them!

Benefits of not buying and bringing your usual shampoos ?

  • Constantly disposing shampoo bottles and buying brands that are not clear of micro plastics does not make a happy planet.
  • Using soap bars or refilling from bulk stores is a good place to stare if you want to minimize your skin- and hair care. You’ll save money and it can feel liberating to use less for more purposes.
  • Tip: A shampoo bar can double as a shower gel!

#17  T O I L E T R I E S

Reducing your travel toiletries makes a lot of sense – for space, weight and planet purposes! And the best is that you can take your new travel habit home into your cupboard and get a new spacious cupboard with less than 10 products!

Benefits of changing up your toiletries?

  • Mother Earth thrives on compost, so if you’re getting the right toothbrush, buds and floss, she’s the happy taker. She also loves that those wax strips and disposable razor get the boot for reusable or electrical replacements!
  • Your hotel bathroom never looked prettier and more Nordic living!
  • Tip: if you don’t compost, double check on recycling in your country – your bamboo toothbrush is likely to get incinerated with its plastic peers in main countries.

#18  C L E A N U P

Beach and forest cleanups are not only great for making sure the trash ends up where it should be, but great for sending a message to authorities that we have a problem! In Asia you can easily find organized beach cleans, but anyone can do cleanups on their own at any time.

Benefits of beach clean up?

  • To make sure the plastics do not end up in the oceans and in the eco system.
  • You make our nature look beautiful too!
  • Tip: heard of plogging? Jogging and picking up trash at the same time! Bring a small backpack and you get fit and be sustainable at the same time!

#19  C O L L A P S I B L E S

When on holiday, anything collapsible for drinks and food is the way to go! You can buy containers, bottles, cups and portable bags so they expand for use and collaps for light and slim travel!

Benefits of collapsibles?

  • It’s tempting to buy single use plastics for picnics, camping and being on the go to save space, but Mother Earth is so unhappy with these plastics we only use for 15 min.
  • Having your own reusables will make you do wiser and often cheaper choices as you will actually bring food from the supermarkets rather than getting snacks and drinks on the go.
  • Tip: As collapsibles are often made out of soft material – make sure they’re the non toxic types without phthalates – silicone is generally the way to go.

#20.  P U R I F I C A T I O N

It’s tempting to buy bottled water when traveling to make sure not to get unwanted germs and spend your holiday in the sickbed! But actually this isn’t necessary. With purification tablets and Steripen portable water purifiers you can clean the water wherever you are!

Benefits of purifying your water?

  • Simple. You avoid plastic bottles and our waters really don’t need them!
  • Savings on avoiding the cost of plastic bottles.
  • Tip: Sometimes water is safe to drink, but the taste isn’t great – in e.g Singapore, this means that many buy water bottles for their household too! Think of getting a filter instead – built in fridge or in filter jugs.

#21. D I A P E R S

We want to travel as easy as possible, and disposables come in handy, especially the diaper! But you’d be surprised to know that the alternatives out there are becoming more easy & handy, especially for those pool-sessions!

Benefits of using reusable diapers?

  • Benefits of using reusable diapers?
  • Apparently, diapers take 450 years to degrade in water. Of course with incineration this problem is solved, but why not try to reduce, starting with those swimming diapers on holiday?
  • Diapers add up, this is s good money-saver!
  • Tip: Buy swim diapers with adjustable sizing – a few buttons can solve this and it will make them last!

See more #plasticfreejuly tips from the kids here:

Week 1  AWAY from home,
Week 2 in your HOME,
Week 3 when on HOLIDAYS and
Week 4 when PLAYING.


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