3 uncommon things to know about the eco-brand, Human Nature

If you’ve ever felt like it’s too expensive to live naturally in Singapore, you’re going to want to read this! I’ve got a brand that you need to know about, it’s going to be a game-changer!!

I recently connected with Christine Buyco-Sy of Human Nature. Have you heard of their products? You’re about to fall in love!

We chatted for over an hour and she told me that back when she started her company in Singapore, she was facing the same exact frustration that a lot of us feel!

She just wanted simple products that work, that are affordable and safe for her family.

So, she tells me this amazing story – a few years back, she’s on holiday in the Phillipines – and she stumbles across the Human Nature store. And she’s amazed. This eco-brand is making all of the essentials that we need for our home: shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant — even household cleaners. And because this company is on a mission to help the environment and up lift their community – they’re selling these products affordably!

Christine said to me – I’m standing there thinking if we only had this in Singapore!

So, imagine this – she comes back home, but can’t let go of this idea. People should have access to affordable, safe products. So, she jumps on a plane and flies back out to the Philippines to meet with the owner of this company and asks them if she can bring Human Nature products into Singapore.

They said yes!!

Back then, this was a small business, but today they have over 100+ products for your home, family, skin, pets – everything! Plus, they’re winning huge, international awards, like the 2016 Sustainable Pioneer Award, awarded for the first time to an Asian brand.

And yet, with all their success, their values haven’t changed: to provide affordable, high quality, natural products.

As Christine and I talked, I learned three uncommon things about Human Nature that I want to share with you:

Camote leaves harvesting at Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm


Many of the exotic, natural skincare ingredients used today come from farms in the Philippines.

And because Human Nature is a Philippines-based company that works directly with farmers – they have access to the very same farms that luxury skincare brands source their ingredients from, but charge a premium for! A great example of this is the exotic plant “Manila Elemi”, a prized ingredient found only in the Philippines. So, now when you see a high-end skincare brand touting the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of the elemi oil in its skincare, know that those exact same extracts, grown in the exact same farms – can be found in Human Nature products too!

Broccoli seeds | littlegreendot.com


This is fun. The founder noticed that many skilled skin-care formulators working for other companies were frustrated with their jobs – having to create the same cookie-cutter recipes over and over again. So he told his formulators – you have full creative freedom to use your dream ingredients. And because of that – Human Nature have created truly special and unique products, like their hair serum made with broccoli seed oil!

You’ll be seeing this ingredient cropping up, as it’s now gaining popularity! Broccoli seed oil is super nourishing and helps to prevent hair loss. It’s also non-greasy and smoothens hair, replacing synthetic silicones.

Human Nature farm | littlegreendot.com


This heart-centred company was created with the hope to uplift their community of underprivileged, beautiful people.

They train rice farms to grow high-demand ingredients, like essential oil crops, organically and sustainably – and then they pay them fair trade market prices. They create high quality products, and yet keep the prices low so that everyday consumers can afford safe, effective products – at the expense of their own profits.

In today’s climate when the media is so full on negative stories – it’s important to know that there are good people, who work everyday to do good things. And I for one love that we can use our money to put tip the scales towards the good.

I hope you found this article helpful! I know it’s important for families who want to use safe products to know that they do have options.

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Now, I’d love to hear from your experience –  let us know – what’s a household product that you’re seeking an affordable, natural alternative for? Then, go check out Human Nature and see if they have what you’ve been looking for! Let us know!! 

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