Top 5 Zero Waste Resolutions for the Year of the Pig

So we’re one month into 2019, and either you’ve forgotten to set yourself new year resolutions or you’ve been terrible at sticking to them. Lucky you, with this Lunar New Year, you can start afresh! Use our resolutions and make a difference in 2019.

Starting from the bottom, at number 5 in our best new year new green resolutions is…

Literally, if you just got yourself a bubble tea and sat down to read this, savour it, for it is your last. No, that doesn’t?t mean your last pearl
– just your last disposable straw. Come on, how hard is it to carry a reusable straw? If you don’t like the glass and metal ones, go for silicone straws that fit in your pocket. And yes they come wide enough for bubble tea, so if you ignored the #nostraw campaigns last year, it is time to make the switch. Suck it up! And talking of ditching, if you occasionally still get your bubble tea in a disposable cup, at least say no to the bag. Never EVER reused or recycled it?s the most futile piece of plastic Singapore is stubbornly addicted to.
By far the easiest habit to pick up, and one that will greatly lighten your electricity bill too, turning off lights when leaving a room and switching off sockets to small appliances when not in use saves a bundle of electricity. Make the move from incandescent light bulbs that use 90% of the received energy to create heat (not light) to diode ones. And when you leave for holidays or a whole weekend, make sure the main switches are also off. Just make sure you don’t cut the power to the fridge/freezer…
Singapore has an issue with humidity, in that it makes food go off relatively faster than elsewhere and no one wants food contamination. So cling film or cling wrap has become a kitchen staple. But did you know you can replace it with a few other solutions? From silicone resealable bags that are safe for the microwave, dishwasher and freezer, to natural beeswax wrap that will take on any form, there are a bunch of much friendlier alternatives. They don’t contain the toxins the plastic wrap does and are endlessly reusable. Other easy swaps you can start can be found here.
We’re referring to aerosols which for a long long time were criticised for their adverse effect on the environment since they typically contained chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons that affected the ozone layer. Though banned since 2008, aerosol cans are still not beneficial to the environment since modern CFC-free aerosols still emit the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which still affect the ozone, contribute to global warming and play a significant role in smog problems. Use natural stone deodorants and wax for your hair. If you’re a graffiti artist… try your hand at a Picasso?
Top of the list goes to…
After all, water is life and if you’re not drinking safe water, you’re throwing all your other healthy habits away. Bottled water costs the earth when it shouldn’t have to and aren’t safe either for your health. Especially in hot climates where the heat enhances the chances of toxins transmitting from plastics into the content such as your mineral water. They’re not designed to be reused either. Safer for all is to invest in a countertop water purifier. Replacement filters aren’t required before months or even years and no tools are needed. Over time, it will save you not just plastic bottles but a lot of money from drinking straight from the tap. And now you have pure water, you should use a reusable bottle, either silicone body or glass to keep it free from harmful substances. Plastic cups and bottles contain toxins, even if they claim to be BPA free. By using a glass or metal bottle, you eliminate drinking something that has been sitting in plastic for a long time. Trust us, even McDonald’scouldn’tt refuse us a soda refill.
Check out our comprehensive guide on How to Start Your Zero Waste Journey HERE and see how you can be Zero Waste on the Go Here.

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