What Happened after my Consultation

I’m excited to introduce you to my favorite nutritionist, Pooja of the Nutrition Clinic.

In a time where we’re inundated with information, a million diets, fads, trends… Pooja is simplifying nutrition and bringing it back to basics. She’s like sitting down with a really good friend, who happens to be an expert! And what I’ve learned – is that to find the success we want in life, we need a strong circle of people who empower us.

Pooja has a very special place in my heart. When I first met Pooja, I was frustrated with my health. On paper, I was doing everything right, eating healthy foods, indulging in all the super foods – but I knew that in my body, something wasn’t right. And it showed up in different ways:

  • Low energy
  • Digestive issues
  • If i got sick, it lasted weeks!
  • Hair breakage
  • Inflamed skin
  • Candida

My symptoms started growing stronger and stronger… but I didn’t know what was wrong or how to fix it. And that’s the most frustrating part. I was on an emotional roller coaster with my health challenges, and I think a lot of us are feeling this way.

In my search for the “perfect” diet – Pooja taught me to re-focus my energies on understanding MY body. She said, what works for one person, might not be the best thing for you.  Yeah, major face-plant moment. But I think so many of us forget to check-in with ourself, to listen to our body and feel confident to know what we need.

With one consolation, I realized that I was eating what other people ate to be “healthy” but their diet, wasn’t right for me. See, it’s not about the diets and extremes. It’s about understanding what makes your body thrive.

That single idea changed my life – and ever since then, I’ve gone to Pooja for her expertise in my personal health and for our community here in Little Green Dot.

She’s appeared on the blog a bunch of times, sharing her amazing recipes. Pooja contributed to our Detox Workshop, SIMPLIFY Skin Workshop and even our online course, How to become a Morning Person.

Because whether you want to feel healthier, lighter in your body, have glowing skin or wake up with boundless energy – nutrition is key.

What I love, is that there’s no guesswork here. Pooja takes a science based approach to look at your diet, your genetics, your lifestyle. She looks for food insensitivities to find the root case of the imbalance you’re feeling – so that you can find sustainable solutions.

For me, I struggled with poor indigestion, grumbling belly, lackluster skin and energy. After speaking with her, I found out which foods were stressing my body and why. Now when I eat, I don’t get that bloated sensation anymore, and with that, everything else changed too.

A lot of people have found that food insensitivities trigger their eczema, and one simple change worked better than years of prescription creams and lotions.

What ever your health or food concerns might be  – call Pooja and get yourself a consultation. That one conversation can bring you so much clarity and peace of mind. She can help you find which foods and supplements best match your body and lifestyle needs, and help you create a plan with measurable results. There’s no reason to feel less than you best!!

* What does your body need to thrive – find out! *


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