From Malaysia with Love, The Biconi Story

Everything we buy has a story, and the Biconi story began when a mother of four decided to take her wellness into her own hands. It’s amazing just where a passion can take you!

Biconi is a health brand focused on making products that nourish your body and cares for your skin with natural, effective ingredients. Their range of skincare and haircare products are incredibly unique – made from noni fruit, grown right on the family’s 3.5 acre farm in Malaysia.

I sat down with Wendee, who now helps to run her family business and remembers the early days, when it all began with one single tree.

At 45 years old, Blan Lee, pictured above, was diagnosed with diabetes. She needed to make big changes in her lifestyle and did what so many of us do when we’re searching for answers – she started learning about wellness.

A strange fruit called “noni” from Hawaii kept popping up in health articles.

From folklore to medical reports, Noni has a long history of medicinal use. For centuries people have been drinking its juice – to treat skin conditions, to cure ailments and disease. To make the juice, there’s a long and slow fermentation process that leaves a strong, concentrated liquid. People flock to Hawaii just to drink it!

All this fuss over a fruit? Flying to Hawaii was not an option and the bottled juices on the market were diluted and full of flavourings to mask the taste. Wendee’s mom wanted the real deal!

The only way to be sure, was to make it herself, the way it’s been done traditionally.

Living in Malaysia, they had the space and right weather conditions to grow a noni tree in their backyard  and without knowing it – they planted the seed for what would turn into a family passion and business.

Wendee, remembers the early years, it was just for the family. They spent the weekends planting more and more trees, which produce fruit within a year. Making noni juice became a family hobby and they became obsessed with finding the best way to do it.

“In those days, there was a lot of experimenting on our front porch.”

The process of fermenting noni is done in jars, left to sit for months. The smell and the flavour is distinct – which is why so many brands dilute their juice with sugars and flavours. But the family wanted to concentrate the juice and make a supplement that they can drink to get the maximum benefits.

Like with all good things – word soon spread. People noticed how different she felt and looked. Neighbours, family and friends soon started asking for their homemade juice. Even strangers were calling their house, cancer patients who were looking for answers.


Then one day a soap-maker called them. He heard about the family, the pure noni concentrate that they make and he wanted it to use in his handmade natural soaps. This phone called changed everything!

They decided to partner and create a soap that contains the purest form of the noni – all those healthy benefits available to soothe, nourish and build healthy skin at a cellular level.

Their first customers were the very people who drank their juice – cancer patients who had severe skin sensitivities. They told them that the noni soap was the only soap that didn’t irritate their skin – instead their skin felt clearer, brighter and during recovery, their hair growth came back stronger.

Can you imagine hearing this? It was so inspiring for the family that they turned a family passion into a family business.

Today the operation looks very different. What began on their front porch and their own garden, sprawled out onto their own Noni Tree farm. Their technique for concentrating the noni is now done in their facility in Malaysia. Each batch is sent for antioxidant testing to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits. Just like all those years ago, it has to be the real deal!

For this family, noni soap is not a beauty product. It’s a health product. It’s about nourishing your skin, your largest organ – so that it can function at it’s best.

Beautiful, bright skin and healthy hair comes from caring for your health.

Biconi is whole-food skincare that nourishes your largest organ for healthy skin and hair. It’s perfect for the family, for sensitive skin, to correct skin issues and to prevent hair-loss.

The benefits of noni enzymes are delivered straight from their farm to your skin!

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