Review // two months using Biconi

Biconi is a very simple range for your capsule skincare collection. It consist of only 3 products, that covers you from head-to-toe. The star ingredient that runs throughout the range is Noni Fruit Enzyme – harvested right from the family’s noni tree farm in Malaysia.

This family run business began when mother of four discovered the fruit’s healing properties – which she used to treat her own ailing health. They developed the brand with the mindset of health, nourishing your largest organ with whole food skincare.

I used Biconi’s shampoo, conditioner and soap for the last 2 months, to give you a good idea of my thoughts. Here is my review of the full Biconi range.

Biconi Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo

Biconi Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo |

One of the unique things about this shampoo is that it comes in a solid bar. Wendee explained to  me that in order to make liquid shampoo, they would need to add extra emulsifying ingredients – and their goal is to make a product with as little chemicals as possible.

It lathers beautifully, the easiest way to use a shampoo bar, I found, is to first rub it on the scalp on wet hair and then work in the lather, with your hands. You’ll need to take care to keep the soap bar away from running water, so that it doesn’t melt away. I suggest buying a soap dish just for your shampoo bar and keep it outside of the shower.

This shampoo is especially effective for hair loss, because of hormonal reasons, menopause or pregnancy. It is a treatment shampoo – and if you’ve been worried about the hair you see on your shower drain or considered going to those expensive hair loss treatment centres – then this may be for you!

I noticed that my hair loss greatly reduced. It can be shocking when you see massive clumps of hair in your shower, so I was very happy to notice that change.

It has a very mild scent, and does leave your hair wanting a bit of conditioner. My hair really liked this shampoo, it’s super gentle but very cleansing.

Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo // $59

Hair Repair Conditioner

Biconi Natural Hair Repair Conditioner |

This conditioner is silk in a bottle! The moment you work in a pea-size amount, your hair transforms. No doubt it’s the coconut oil and cocoa butter that completely hydrates and seals in your locks.

With healthy hair (and hair loss prevention) – Wendee tells me it’s all about the scalp. This is where the noni-enzymes shine. You’re getting a boost of antioxidants that builds strong cells and stimulates new hair growth. Give your scalp a good massage to get the most benefits.

Hair Repair Conditioner // $24

Radiant Skin Soap

The biggest difference between this soap versus the shampoo bar is the addition of rosemary and other plant extracts that are great for the skin. It has almost no scent, very light and natural.

The soap has glycerine and virgin coconut oil – so it’s incredibly hydrating, moisturising and cleansing. If you’re looking for a good natural soap, that doesn’t dry your skin – I think this soap is brilliant. The real star is the noni enzymes which are packed with antioxidants that heals, protect and promotes healthy skin.

It’s really gentle, very fresh and clean feeling!

Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser // $49

I teamed up with Biconi because I think they’ve created an amazing product, that works well, nourishes your body and builds beauty through health. It’s a beautiful philosophy, a simple product and incredibly effective.

The products are so concentrated, with the noni enzymes, that they’re more like treatments, to rebuild healthy skin and hair.


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