Eco Beauty Products to Protect Against the Haze

The haze has been in the unhealthy range a few times these recent weeks. It is time to take extra care of our skin and we have just the right products to help you. These skin-protecting and repairing eco-products can be found in the Marketplace and we want to share some we love with you!

This highly nourishing facial oil contains an exorbitant amount of vitamins, antioxidants and skin beneficial nutrients to make skin more healthy and glowing. We love how smoothly we can apply this thick balm, as it turns into a milky texture upon warming between our fingers.

To Buy: Super Fruits Night Balm // $60 // 100% Pure


This is Enkido’s signature infusion as it revolutionises how to care for your skin. By combining a toner, serum and eye care all into one product, your skin can now soak in our active ingredients at a deeper level. This is the go-to product now as the calming infusion is designed to sooth irritated and sensitive skin.

To Buy: Enkido Calming Infusion // $29.90 // Allerganics

The haze can cause skin to feel irritated and dull, so refresh your skin with this body mist made with the purest aloe vera and seaweed extract. These body mists have also been infused with lavender, lemongrass, rose geranium and tangerine oils, to give your skin an instant hydration boost as well as refresh and awaken your senses.

To Buy: Anahata Living Body Mist // $10 // Anahata Living

Chocolate has powerful anti-oxidant properties that can prevent free radicals from causing skin damage. This mask is made with 100% organic chocolate powder. We love how this mask can satisfy your innate craving for chocolate without guilt.

To Buy: Athenia chocolate indulgence mask // $29 // Charis Naturals

De-haze your hair and unblock your clogged scalp pores with this all natural clarifying shampoo! The all natural fruit acids in this product can help eliminate build-up and impurities, which can be from the haze, smoke and accumulated hair products. What we love is also the moisturising properties of the aloe vera that will leave our tresses light, bouncy and oh-so-soft!

To buy: 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo // $9.90 // Human Nature


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