Take a Peek Inside // November’s intheBOX

If you haven’t heard of this subscription box yet, it’s fabulous! It’s a great way to discover new products and brands that are committed to natural, sustainable, healthy living. Check them out to sign up for your own box, or read below to see what I got in mine…

I was really excited about my intheBOX this month – because I could smell it before I even opened it! So, I knew there was something flowery and yummy in there…


Yay! Look at all that! It’s so funny, how fun it is to open a package – I’m like a kid on my birthday. Straight away I spot that gigantic cookie… and so does my daughter!

She actually hugged it! She’s too cute 🙂 But, I managed to distract her and take it back. Ha! This will be perfect for our upcoming family trip – and it’s so big it will feed us all. It’s by Lenny & Larry’s, vegan and all-natural – this one is a chocolate chip flavour – but on the website I see they have oatmeal and peanut butter and I really want to try those too!


Next up is a green tea by Keiko. I actually met the owner of this company – she’s about drinking tea with intention. Creating a daily ritual, where you take the time to prepare your tea and disconnect for that moment. I think it’s such a lovely reminder, and I like thinking of it in that way.

This is a mouldable aromatherapy dough by Sunyata, made with essential oils which release at you knead the dough. They have 10 different scents, to enhance creativity, for meditation… this one is Breathe and it smells so refreshing. I really liked it – but so did Meabh. She left the table with it to go make play cookies…

Ah! This is what was making my box smell sooo good! Soy wax melts by Artisan’s Garden – straight away I set a few to melt! I’m a huge fan of this scent, White Tea & Ginger – it’s sweet and floral with a little spiciness to it. Yum!

This is definitely going in my green shake – it’s full of vitamins and antioxidants – said to boost your immune system, protect cells from damage and increase sex drive! watch out 😉 ha!

I was excited to get this! I’ve heard of it, but hadn’t tried it yet – it’s a locally made heat balm for aches and pains, by Theo10. The scent is strong, as you would expect a heat balm to be – and is it just me – but almost a little chocolatey, like a chili chocolate. I don’t know, but I like it !

I do like trying new shampoos – my hair is my biggest struggle in this weather. It’s forever frizzy. So I’m excited to give Como Shambhala a try and see how it works. Have you tried it before? Let me know!

Lastly, I got this cute decorative tin from Make Room – you can burn a candle inside – it’s pretty perfect for the holidays!

Overall – this was a really great intheBOX!  My favorites have to be the soy wax melts and the green tea, but I’m so excited to try out the rest! Let me know if you subscribe to intheBOX and what you think about it!


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