Review // Two Months Using Naturalmente Range

A good skincare range is hard to find. We have our standards, right! Not only does it need to be made well, without toxic chemicals, but it needs to be effective too.

Adonica Kube offered me a range Naturalmente products they stock to test out: Gel Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Anti-Aging Mask as well as their shampoo and conditioner. The range is impressive, they are certified with an organic standard called the Qualita Reale, which ensures that the entire process of manufacturing is ethical and sustainable. Even the packaging is eco-friendly!

I had high hopes – this range is made with organic ingredients, pure plant botanicals and absolutely no harmful chemicals. So how well does it work? After two months of use, I can now report an accurate account of my experience with them, and their effects.

Read to the end for a bonus review of Bliss Shea Butter, 100% organic and also stocked by Adonica Kube.

Naturalmente Gel Cleanser

Naturalmente Gel Cleanser

This is a non-foaming cleanser with a clean, neutral scent. It has vitamin rich ingredients like artichoke, and also lemon and witch hazel to help regulate the amount of oil your skin produces.

result: I can feel that it’s very gentle, because it hasn’t dried out my skin like some products can. It’s doing a good job of cleansing – it takes off dirt and makeup, it even takes off my eyeliner and mascara! The bottle size is huge – it will last you for at least 6 months, which makes it really cost effective. After two months of daily use, I’m only 1/3 of the way down!

find it: Naturalmente Gel Cleanser // $67.00

TIP: once a week make a scrub using your gel cleanser. In the palm of your hand, mix a bit of baking soda with two pumps of gel cleanser. Rub this mixture gently on the skin. It’s such a great treatment!

Naturalmente Balancing Toner

Naturalmente Balancing Toner

The balancing toner comes with antioxidant rich vitamins to help heal and protect the skin. It also has witch hazel, burdock and birch – tonics that help clear impurities and tone the skin.

results: I love this toner, it feels refreshing on and I see that it’s helped to balance my skin. I’m using it twice a day, to freshen my skin in the morning and after cleansing in the evening.

find it: Naturalmente Balancing Toner // $57.50

TIP: use a cotton pad to wipe on and apply the toner – you’ll pick up and remove any makeup residue left behind after cleansing.

Naturalmente Moisturiser

Naturalmente Moisturiser

This moisturizer is packed with all the right ingredients. The base of argan and avocado oil is ultra hydrating, but light and easily absorbed. It has a blend of herbs and botanicals that provide your skin with silica and nutrients which help to keep the skin elastic.

result: after two months of using this – my skin is loving the ingredients –  it soaks in and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.  I love how light this moisturizer is – you can use it in the morning and it doesn’t feel heavy under make-up.

find it: Naturalmente Moisturizing Cream // $75.60

TIP: make a tinted moisturizer by mixing one pump of moisturizer with a bit of your foundation. This is great for light coverage on hot days!

Anti-Oxidant Age Correcting Mask

Anti-Oxidant Age Correcting Mask

The base is made a rich and nourishing blend of shea butter, jojoba, wheat germ and avocado oil. It has orange oil, which is packed with vitamin C – a beautifying vitamin. It also combines fenugreek which is a great anti-aging ingredient that softens the skin and aloe to help re-build and protect skin cells.

result: I’ve been using this mask once a week and I actually look forward to it – I’ve seen such a great difference. The minute I rinse my face clean my skin feels plump and refreshed. The bottle is massive it will last for over 6 months, making it very cost effective! Be liberal and don’t forget to treat your neck and décolletage too!

Find it: Anti-Oxidant Age Correcting Mask // $144.00

Elements Scalp Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

Elements Scalp Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

The Elements range is a special range of 100% organic plant based scalp treatments, designed for four different types of hair: thinning, dry, sensitive and oily. The Earth Range that I tried, is formulated for damaged, stressed hair. It has a blend of essential oils to stimulate blood flow in the scalp and soy protein to strengthen and repair our hair.

results: I’m using the shampoo and conditioner set, about 3 times a week. It smells medicinal, which was odd at first, but this range is more of a tonic – so I appreciate that sometimes medicinal botanicals don’t always smell like the perfumed products we’re used to. Which is actually a good thing! I find that my hair is responding well, I especially like the conditioner, it leaves my hair really silky. I use it on my daughter and can easily comb through her hair.

I think focusing on our scalp is very smart, that’s where healthy hair begins. This may be more of a long term treatment, where with continual use, and healthy hair habits (little heat, etc.) you’ll find that the new hair growth will come in much stronger!

find it: Shampoo for Hair Repair & Healing Mask for Damaged Hair // $34 and $40

Bliss 100% Shea Butter

Bliss 100% Shea Butter

This is pure, 100% shea butter – nothing else. My husband had a spot of eczema that he spent weeks trying to heal and within 3 days of using shea butter – it cleared up! You can use this shea butter as a deep moisturizer, on your cuticles, for babies – especially sensitive skin, bum rashes and eczema. It’s a natural skin healer that every home should have.

TIP: if you find that your shea butter becomes grainy – that’s no problem at all. It happens when the butter melts and re-hardens,  but it doesn’t change it’s effectiveness. To avoid it, try to keep it in a cool spot away from heat (not the fridge, that’s too cool! 🙂

Find it: visit the shop in person to buy this Shea Butter

112 Katong
112 East Coast Road, #03-36,
Singapore 428802


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